1. SUBMIT YOUR ITEMS: Take few pictures of each item that you would like to consign so we can send you an estimate of the selling price based on the condition and demand from the submitted pictures. Please fill out our consignment form and send it back in the attachment together with the pictures of your items via our contact form.

2. PACK AND SHIP: After both parties agree with pricing, pack and ship your items to us with a tracking number. If you are located in New York City, we accept drop off at our downtown location and free pick up service within selected Manhattan areas. Go to SHIPPING for more details.

3. GET PAID: After we receive your package, we will do the work! Our team will work on your items for product photoshoots and listings. Once sold, we will send you a check in the mail.


Couture Within Reach™ (CWR) accepts only authentic designer name label quality items - handbags, shoes, jewelries and accessories only. All consignment items must be new or gently used, in very good to mint conditions. In short, all items must be authentic, current in style, clean and in good repair. Couture Within Reach™ reserves the right to refuse your items if they do not meet our standard policies and our shoppers’ supply and demand. For more details on our consignment policies, please read our consignment agreement.


All items are consigned on a 25%/75% (CWR/consignor) basis. All items will be listed on our website and on, wherever will sell first. If the item is sold at our eBay store, you will be paid 75% of the sold item minus any associated ebay financial transaction (e.g. ebay listing, paypal) fees. Only merchant transaction fees will be charged for items sold from our website. Please visit eBay listing fees to see the list of eBay commission rates and go to PayPal for their updated commission rates. We will work with you to determine suggested selling price of you items when necessary. The estimation of selling price sent to consignor before we receive the price may or may not change after we receive the item in person. The price of an item should be agreed between CWR and consignor before we list it for sale.


The consignor retains ownership and responsibility of each consignment item until it is sold, at which time ownership will transfer directly to the customer who purchases the consigned item. Couture Within Reach™ does the best to protect all items on consignments. Couture Within Reach™, however, is not responsible for damages caused by (not limited to) accident, fire, flood, theft or natural disaster.